AZYEP's reach.

"I have had a student that is very shy completely blow me away with how she views herself and how well spoken she could be when she feels comfortable enough to share. Her voice was really heard for the first time when we listened to her poem and after that she became more comfortable sharing on a daily basis."

Tina Spiccoli,

3rd Grade Teacher at Crystal River Elementary School

"The radio project enhanced engagement of my students. They were proud of their results and that they were able to share their learning with the entire community! One student said 'It made me feel like I have the power of my voice to make a difference in the world."

Kim Hammond,

Aspen High School Science Teacher

"I think it helps kids be more confident, knowing their voices are being heard around the community. Even the shyer kids seemed more confident and willing to take a risk after recording their Public Service Announcements the first time."

Charlotte Brooks,

Language Arts Teacher at Glenwood Middle School

"I feel really grateful to AZYEP for giving us this chance to be on the radio. This is one of those moments where students got to work on something and share it with a really, really large community."

Tamy Subi,

Band Teacher at Glenwood Springs High School

"Partnering with AZYEP offers a platform for students to use their voice to express their ideas. This opportunity gives students skills that are not only fundamental in speaking and listening, but are essential for the real world."

Jessica Lahey,

5th Grade Teacher at Basalt Middle School

"The highlight of our fitness and nutrition unit is our Public Service Announcements. The kids really take the assignment seriously, because they know they're going to be on the radio. Our parents love hearing their children on the radio, as well."

Carrey Sims,

5th Grade Teacher at Basalt Middle School

"Students excel when they can share their projects with an authentic audience."

Adam Carballeira,

Roaring Fork High School Creative Writing teacher

"I love that I live in a world where I can get in my car and hear my own students on the radio. Thanks for doing what you do. It’s awesome!"

Autumn Rivera,

Glenwood Springs Middle School 6th grade teacher

AZYEP testimonials

by Annemarie Zanca, J. Riley and Sophia Clark

I believe that radio can have a positive impact on youth and on the listeners. AZYEP introduces the next generation to the power of self expression and building relationships.
Annemarie Zanca

Rachel describes how AZYEP helped her express her voice, even as she went through a big physical and emotional transformation during her Junior year of high school.

Niko shares his love for the Roaring Fork community and the power of storytelling. As a filmmaker and photographer in Hawaii, he remembers how the program impacted his creative process.

Megan started in the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment program while in elementary school. Here she reflects on how AZYEP helped her form her career as a journalist post-graduation.

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