Hey, my little wolf pups. My name is Rachel ( DJ Wolfy) and I’m a sophomore at Basalt High School. I love getting involved in my community. I love games of any kind and I am obsessed with animals especially wolves. I play the ukulele, and I even play live on the radio. I love pop music the most, but I can sing along to any music. I love Dj-ing so much cause of the people I’m around and the fun stuff I get to do for you. I’ve been with AZYEP for 5 years now. Oh, I also love to be in any kind of production (choir/ Band concerts, and Acting jobs). I also do Taekwondo, student council, gaming club, choir, and may possibly start a Ukulele Club soon. You will also hear my (horrible) Spanish on the radio. Even though technically you know who I am I love the mystery of not having to be anyone but myself. So please call in because I  love to know you guys are listening to what your thoughts are and also I need suggestions for what new song to learn to play on the uke. On my shows you will hear a lot of beach boys, Adele, and even Los Lobos (they do a lot of Disney stuff like Cruella Devil). Like I said before you will hear my ukulele ( if it’s bad, I’m sorry but blame it on Paige my radio instructor 😉 )

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