Tate, Carl, and Indi Talk Coral Bleaching

by Tate, Carl, and Indi

William Habla la Contaminación del Océano

by William

Zella, Mia, and Ariel Talk Typhoid Mary

by Zella, Mia, and Ariel

Sydney and Euridasy Talk Harlem Renaissance

by Sydney and Euridasy

Sierra and Macy Talk Ocean Pollution

by Sierra and Macy

Max, Iggy, and Carlos Talk Plastic in the Ocean

by Max, Iggy, and Carlos

Luis and Tristan Talk Typhoid Mary

by Luis and Tristan

Lizbeth, Lindsie, Ahtziri, and Allison Talk Plastic Pollution

by Lizbeth, Lindsie, Ahtziri, and Allison

Liliana and Gadlien Talk Plagues

by Liliana and Gadlien

Keiri and Destiny Talk Harlem Renaissance

by Keiri and Destiny

Kaylah and Aisha Talk About the 6th Cholera Epidemic

by Kaylah and Aisha

Gael and Luis Talk Waste Pollution

by Gael and Luis

Emmy Habla de la Plaga Negra

by Emmy

Diego and Andrew Talk Pollution

by Diego and Andrew

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