Valentino's Monologue | Baseball

by Valentino

Harrison's Monologue | Life of a Pencil

by Harrison

Jackson's Monologue | Plane Crash

by Jackson

Payton's Monologue | Woman Looking for Love

by Payton

Leigha's Monologue | Trip to Hawaii

by Leigha

Megan's Monologue | Life of a Single Parent

by Megan

Hunter's Monologue | Pair of Headphones

by Hunter

Alex's Monologue | Video Game Controller

by Alex

Rachael's Monologue | Missing Hair Tie

by Rachael

James' Monologue | Superhero Painting

by James

Valeria's Monologue | Shy Teenager

by Valeria

Marcus' Monologue | Worst Day Ever

by Marcus

Archer's Monologue | The Golf Ball

by Archer

Olivia's Monologue | Best Sleepover Ever

by Olivia

Daniella's Monologue | Bungalow on the Beach

by Daniella

Nora's Monologue | Box of Playing Cards

by Nora

Angie's Monologue | Story of Ukraine

by Angie

Riley's Monologue | Hunt in the Forest

by Riley

Rachel's Monologue | Going to Harvard

by Rachel

Karina's Monologue | Expectations

by Karina

Summer's Monologue | Dog in a Sweater

by Summer

Morgan's Monologue | Vacation Home

by Morgan

Kaitlyn's Monologue | Trip to Hawaii Gone Wrong

by Kaitlyn

Chancelle's Monologue | The Dream

by Chancelle

Shayla's Monologue | A Day in the Life of a Teacher

by Shayla

Adrian's Monologue | Surfing Accident

by Adrian

Luke's Monologue | Wired Headphones

by Luke

Michael's Monologue | The Great Depression

by Michael

Aaron's Monologue | Overwhelmingly Rich

by Aaron

Kina's Monologue | The Worst Birthday

by Kina

Grace's Monologue | Forbidden Love

by Grace

Abby's Monologue | Best to Worst Day

by Abby

Vincent's Monologue | Homework Disaster

by Vincent

Louise's Monologue | Kill the Queen

by Louise

Alexa's Monologue | Younger Siblings

by Alexa

August's Monologue | Mondays are the Worst

by August

Addison's Monologue | Great Grandma

by Addison

Josue's Monologue | Crazy Siblings

by Josue

Allison's Monologue | Pirate City

by Allison

Cameron's Monologue | Dog at School

by Cameron

Cristian's Monologue | The Grades

by Cristian

Jonathan's Monologue | The Prank Call

by Jonathan

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