Glenwood Springs Middle School 6th Grade | Colorado Indigenous History Two Voice Poems

6th graders at Glenwood Springs Middle School wrote and recorded two-voice poems detailing the indigenous history of several sacred spaces located in and around the Roaring Fork Valley.

We Were All Born Free Americans

by Maxx & JJ | Mar 2024

Towering Over Clouds

by Norah, Emme, & Reese | March 2024

The Amazing Colorado River

by Clark, Aiden U & Donavin | March 2024

We Are Of The Flat Top Mountains

by Timmie & Chase | March 2024

Pueblo People’s Life Style

by Skye & Mariana | March 2024

The Mysterious Crystal River Valley

by Aldo & Adelaide | March 2024

This is where the sheeps live, Behehehe

by Irvin & Silvano | March 2024

Why You Should Honor and Respect The Ute Caves At Sweetwater

by Sofia & Ava | March 2024

Amazing History About The Glenwood Hot springs

by Layla & Eisley | March 2024

The Native History Of The Colorado River

by Abe & Isaac | March 2024

The Tragedy Of The Meeker Massacre

by Isaac & Colin W. | March 2024

Who were the people of the shining mountains?

by Jackson & Aiden | March 2024

The History Behind Estes Park

by Marlenyz, Itza, & Eduardo | March 2024

This is The Amazing History of the Ute Caves at Sweetwater!

by Diana & Hannah | March 2024

The Hot Steamy Yampah Vapor Caves

by Leo & Star | March 2024

Utes of the Rocky Mountains

by Emiliana & Audrey | March 2024

Pueblos Of Mesa Verde

by Quinn, Naveah & Jack | March 2024

Utes of the Glenwood Hot Springs

by Caleb & Mason | March 2024

The Ute tribes of Crystal River Valley

by Keiry & Leo | March 2024

Hunting With The Ute in the Flat Tops

by Audrey, Isaac & Nevea | March 2024

The Poem of the Tribes of Maroon Bells

by Valeria, Karina & Mariana | March 2024

The Past and Future of Maroon Bells

by Audrey & Ashley | March 2024

The Glenwood Hot Springs Utes

by Tristan & Lucas | March 2024

Maroon Bells Home To The Ute

by Andy & Allan | March 2024

All Maroon Bells View From Past to Future

by Mia & Aleynad | March 2024

Two Voices Poem Of Native Pueblo Land

by Angel & Jason | March 2024

The History of Mesa Verde

by Rafael, Jude & Eli | March 2024

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