Basalt Middle School Health Tips

5th grade students at Basalt Middle School are here to tell you how to stay fit, active and healthy! Take a listen!

Sleep is Important

by Nickolas, Nadya, Bella | April 2024

Exercise is Important

by Emily and Hannah | April 2024

Healthy Drinks

by Clark, Cameron, Tito | April 2024

Snack Attack for Older Kids

by Robin, Kendall, Katie | April 2024

Sports and Fitness

by Geo, Andres, Antony | April 2024

Sleep is Important

by Chiara, Regina, Rose | April 2024

Fun Ways to Work Out

by O’Shea, Sarahi, Noah, Camila | April 2024

Comida Sana

by Migel, Edwin, and Melki | April 2024

Sports and Fitness

by Everson, Blake, Juan | April 2024

Healthy Drinks

by Caleb, Mayte, Meraris | April 2024

Get Moving

by Clarky, Moises, Edgar | April 2024

Nutrition Fact Labels

by Bridger, Ashley, Estrella | April 2024

Eating Healthy

by Sal and Barbie | April 2024

Food Labels

by Alejandro, Beto, Alex | April 2024

Time to Play

by Christofer, Sophia, Opal | April 2024

Get Moving

by Didan and Dylan | April 2024

It’s Time to Play

by Jack and Carter | April 2024

Healthy Food

by Aaron, Katherin, and Max | April 2024

Sports and Fitness

by Caden and Simon | April 2024


by Jaxson and Ethan | April 2024

Sugary Drinks

by Eli and Caspian | April 2024

Safe Exercises

by Lily and Henry | April 2024


by Mia, Estrella, Linzy | April 2024

Bebidas Saludables

by Cristian, Victor, Nelson | April 2024

Kids and Exercise

by Nathaly and Valeria | April 2024

Snack Attack

by Sebastian, Alejandro, and Randy | April 2024

Sleeping for Physical Health

by Axel and Oliver | April 2024

Get Moving | Muévanse

by Gio and Dallana | April 2024

Sports and Fitness

by Thea and Promise | April 2024

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