AZYEP Benefits Our Lives

AZYEP students talk about how being on the radio helps them build self confidence, be comfortable expressing themselves, develop leadership skills and more. Students shared their perspectives in front of a live audience at a live radio broadcast from the Reverse 3 Lazy H Bar Ranch in Carbondale.

AZYEP Changed My Life

by Maija | SEPT 26, 2017

How AZYEP Has Helped Me

by Ricardo | SEPT 26, 2017

Esther Adds AZYEP to Her List of Accomplishments

by Esther | SEPT 26, 2017

AZYEP Has Helped My Grades

by Liliana | SEPT 26, 2017

Mariska Comes Out of Her Shell

by Mariska | SEPT 26, 2017

Finn's Radio Skills Become Life Skills

by Finn | SEPT 26, 2017

Radio Enhances and Expands Mountain's Life

by Mountain | SEPT 26, 2017

Parent Expounds on AZYEP's Positive Impacts

by Ami Maes | SEPT 26, 2017

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