2016 - 2022 Shows




2016 - 2021 SHOWS

Meet the Artisans of Carbondale: An AZYEP Summer Workshop

AZYNT Interviews Student Entrepreneurs

AZYNT Learns About Investing

News Team Discusses Pet Health

News Team on Mental Wellness During COVID-19

News Team: Spring Semester Update

News Team Shares Original Stories

News Team Talks about Mental Wellness with AZYEP Founder Annemarie Zanca

News Team Conducts COVID Community Check-In

AZYEP Presents the Youth News Team

Teen Mental Health / Salud Mental de los Adolescentes

Youth News Team Talks Community Radio with KDNK News Director

Basalt High School Senior Organizes Free Counseling for Students and Staff

Roaring Fork School District Family Education Series Starts November 8th, 2018

Andy Zanca News Team Talks Mental Wellness

Andy Zanca Youth News Team Ponders Media

Pride 2018: Perspectives of LGBTQ+ Students in the Roaring Fork Valley

Dancers Dancing Interns Talk about Summer Camps

AZYEP News Team Talks Colorado River Water Issues

AZYEP News Team Talks Discrimination in Schools

News Team Interviews Carbondale Middle School Principals

News Team Talks RFSD School Renovation

AZYEP News Team Interviews KDNK Station Manager

My, How Carbondale Has Changed – July, 2017


2019 - 2021 SHOWS

Growing up Gay in the Roaring Fork Valley with Maya Lindgren

Authors of “Jacob’s New Dress” Speak about Gender Non-conforming Youth

Coming Out Later in Life with Anne Friedman

Jocelyn Carreno Discusses LGBTQ+ Issues at Aspen High School

Discovering Your True Self as a Trans Man with Julian Parish

Finding Identity and Service to Others with Steve Mills

LGBTQ+ Resources with YouthZone’s Rami El Gharib

Overcoming Obstacles with Remington Scott Kienbusch

Combatting Isolation with Janet Gordon

Allyship with Author Cathy Heyliger

Coming Out at Aspen High School with Kim Zimmer

Coming Out in a Rural Community with Maya Lindgren

Love Is… by Cathy Heyliger

Garfield County Personal Responsibility Education Program

Garfield County PREP

One Colorado


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

PFLAG Roaring Fork Valley

Janet Gordon Counseling & Gay For Good


2019 - 2021 SHOWS

Vaccine Safety for Kids 12 and Up / Seguridad de las vacunas para niños de 12 años en adelante

Summer Advantage Program / Programa Summer Advantage

Mental Wellness After COVID-19 / Bienestar mental después del COVID-19

Vaccine Options and Safety / Opciones de vacuna y seguridad

Keeping Kids Engaged and Connected / Mantener a los niños comprometidos y conectados

Parenting in Quarantine / Crianza de los hijos en cuarentena

FRC Talks with RFSD Superintendent about 2020- 2021 School Year

FRC Talks with Mountain Family about COVID-19

FRC Talks with Mountain Family Health

How Are Kids Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic? / ¿Cómo están manejando los niños la pandemia de COVID-19?

Debunking COVID-19 Myths / Desmontando los mitos del COVID-19

What Would School Look Like if We Went Back to In-Person Learning? / ¿Cómo sería la escuela si volviéramos al aprendizaje en persona?

RFSD Superintendent Discusses 2020-2021 School Year / Superintendente de RFSD discute el año escolar 2020-2021

Healthy Relationships / Relaciones saludables

Healthy Brain Development / Desarrollo saludable del cerebro

Teen Mental Health / Salud Mental de los Adolescentes

Oral Health Part 2 / Salud Oral Parte 2

Oral Health / Salud Oral

Back to School / De vuelta a la escuela

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