Greetings, audience! My name is Frenna. You may know me from the shows I’ve done where I introduce myself. (This is going great, hang in there!) I’m 13 years old and go to GSMS. I think I may or may not have been a DJ for KDNK for about 6-7 months (not sure but yeah I think that’s about right). My favorite genre of music is rock, although I’m very open-minded and would probably enjoy anything you put in front of me. Maybe not nursery rhymes though. (Maybe.) I enjoy being exposed to new music, and meeting some of the other DJs(even though that hasn’t really happened yet but it’s okay baby steps, people, baby steps)! :))))) . Other interesting things? Hmm… Well, I ate some grass in 6th grade and it tasted like chemicals and turned my tongue green for two days. That’s not interesting, that’s pesticide. Okay umm well I like to draw? No, that’s not interesting either… I’ve been to the moon. (Now I’m just lying- we’re done! Let’s wrap it up!)

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