AZYEP works with youth and various organizations to produce a 30 minute program each Monday at 4:00 PM on KDNK. Our programs support the efforts of kids and youth initiatives.


AZYEP facilitates opportunities for youth radio broadcasters to connect with the KDNK listening community through public affairs programs and relevant youth news stories.

AZYEP announcers attend a weekly news class and host a monthly public affairs program each 3rd Monday at 4:00 PM on KDNK. The hosts collaborate with the KDNK news team to select topics, plan interviews and engage in on-air conversations. Students learn public speaking and communication skills.

The AZYEP Podcast highlights outstanding work from youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. On the second Monday of every month, tune in to hear students speaking up about political trends, environmental issues, artistic inspirations, and more. We also showcase informative, adult perspectives on topics relevant to our local youth.

Dimensions in Diversity is geared toward LGBTQ+ youth in the Roaring Fork Valley. Every first Monday of the month at 4:00 PM on KDNK host Steve Mills collaborates with local, state or national nonprofits to speak about resources for youth and their families. This show highlights the successes, challenges and stigmas facing queer youth and is supported by Gay For Good Rocky Mountains.

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